Here’s a little about me.


Constantly enamored by the small shiny objects that usually remain unnoticed in life, I´m a creative thinker, a tinkerer, and a genuinely nice guy. I like to make things, solve problems creatively, and lend a helping hand. I believe design should be both socially and environmentally responsible. I believe it should be honest in its purpose, source, and concept, and that it is the little details that can make something standout from the pack.


I was born just outside of Philadelphia. From an early age I can remember wondering how something was made and how I could make it better. I spent most of my free time in the early years doing internships in everything and anything that remotely interested me. This included everything from being a professional ceramicist´s assistant to a tile and marble installer, to various positions in architecture firms, industrial design firms, and EGD firms.


I believe that being a designer is more of a way of thinking and seeing the world than a set of tools that only work in one field. My professional career has taken me to very different places in the spectrum of design. I have been lucky enough to work as an environmental graphic designer at both ex;it and Cloud Gehshan Associates. I most recently worked at MIO, a driving force in the eco-centric industrial design field, as a Senior Designer. Please take a look at my resumé.

My real passion lies in applying design thinking to aid in social change. I currently spend my days working on projects for the nonprofit I cofounded, Fresh Artists.

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    Recent Projects
    MIO for Target
    Eco-conscience outdoors
    Everything you need to be
    a “green” weekend warrior.
    Designed by MIO for Target.
    Trask Lamp
    Efficiancy times 3
    Designed with efficiency in mind. Customizable shape and an LED light source.
    CUH Interpretive
    Telling the story of CUH
    Highlighting Cooper University Hospital's long history in Camden
    GBMC IDs
    Helping people get there
    Iconic entrance identification signage aid navigation